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Sugar Paste


60ml Water
1 tabsp Gelatine
3 tabsp Liquid Glucose
3 teasp Glycerine
1kg (2lb) Icing Sugar (approx)


1) Put water in a double saucepan or very heavy saucepan. Add gelatine and stir over low heat until all is dissolved
2) Remove from heat, add glucose and glycerine, stir until cool but not cold
3) Sieve 1½lb approx icing sugar into a basin, make a well in the centre. Add liquid and stir with a wooden spoon until icing sugar is absorbed
4) Place in an airtight container and leave for 24 hours if possible (help to eliminate air bubbles)
5) Knead the remainder of the icing sugar into the mixture until it is smooth and pliable but not sticky to touch. Place in an airtight container and use as required (will cover approx 4lb cake)