We have included some recipes for our very favourites cakes here in Ella’s Barn. The recipes have stood the test of time and are those we used daily at the Barn. All firm customer favourites!
The chocolate cake is recipe is almost fail-safe and very easy to do with young bakers. Lovely and light and also freezes very well.
The cream cheese filling is a beautiful alternative to buttercream – really smooth with a lovely tang. Useful for a range of treats such as carrot-cake topping, cupcakes and as a crumb coating before sugarpaste.

There are now many excellent pastes widely available – but if you would like to try to make your own paste or can’t quite find one that suits how you work, we have found the following paste recipes excellent.
This homemade almond paste recipe is a must for making a special Victoria sandwich sponge as you can make it a little softer for perfect cutting.