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Penguins in the snow and Santa flying over


This is a fun cake to do with young bakers. The blue marble effect for the water and sky is really striking. It is made by colouring small pieces of sugarpaste in dark and medium blue and then very lightly kneading both into a larger piece of white sugarpaste until just barely mixed. The penguins, igloo and ice-blocks have been modelled by hand in sugarpaste. The end of a round balling tool has been used to add a little snow effect texture.

The dome cake works really well for a ‘sky scene’ cake and was a very popular cake in our children’s classes. This cake is baked in a Pyrex bowl lined with strips of parchment. Cover in blue marbled sugarpaste and then add a strip around the bottom for the snow line. Santa’s sleigh and reindeers are cut out in modelling paste and stuck onto small cubes of sugarpaste to keep them upright.