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10″ Petal Cake Tin (5-Petal Daisy)

Invicta – Heavy Duty – Professional Quality

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Additional Information

Invicta – Heavy Duty – Professional Quality

10″ Petal Tin with Fixed Base – Special 5 Petal Daisy Shape

**New / Not Used**

Invicta range of cake tins are hand-made from heavy quality 0.48mm tinplate. They are seamed together from more than one piece of metal and, due to the nature of their construction, they are not guaranteed leak-proof.  Do not use sharp implements against the surface of the tins as this can damage the material exposing the base metal, which may cause surface rust.
Important information:

  • Clean in warm soapy water and dry thoroughly straight away
  • Not suitable for use in a microwave, dishwasher or freezer
  • Do not soak or leave standing in water as this will cause the tin to rust