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Cymbidium Orchid Cutter

Classic Orchid style, perfect for all types of sugar flower arrangements and can be dusted / painted to suit any colour scheme

Available in 5 different sizes


Additional Information

Tinkertech Two Icing Cutters

Cymbidium Orchid Cutter – classic Orchid style, perfect for sugar flower arrangements


  • Extra Large – TT831 – 843 – Set of 4
  • Large – TT13 – 15 – Set of 3
  • Medium – TT16 – 18 – Set of 3
  • Medium (1 piece) – TT18 – Set of 1
  • Small – TT19 – 21 – Set of 3
  • Very Small – TT22 – 24 – Set of 3

Tinkertech Two is the longest established cutter maker for sugarcraft and cake decorating.  Their cutters are of the highest quality, with an excellent cutting edge and very well finished seams leaving no join mark on your cut items.  With good care, these cutters will last you many, many years.  Tinkertech Two has always been a very popular brand of cutter at The Barn and although a little bit more expensive than some others available, they are worth the little extra and are always the brand that our customers come back time and again asking for!