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Honeysuckle Curved Spray Stencil

This makes a lovely cake top design for a round cake, Size 7.5″ x 7.5″

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Creative Stencil Designs

Honeysuckle Curved Spray Stencil – Size 7.5″ x 7.5″

Stencilling is an easy and effective way to create stunning designs. You can use edible dusts, royal icing, melted chocolate, liquid food colouring (airbrush) or lustre spray – stencils are as versatile as your imagination.

We prefer to create stencil designs by working on a mix of 1/2 sugarpaste and 1/2 flower paste, rolled out thinly on a small piece of butchers wrap.  You can also stencil directly onto cake top / sides covered in sugarpaste (leave the sugarpaste to dry for 24 hours first) or onto a cut out plaque in flower paste or pastillage (leave to harden over night).

Stencils are made from food grade plastic, they are flexible and reusable.  To clean, hand wash the stencil with warm soapy water, gently patting and being careful not to lift or curl any of the cut out pieces. Pat dry or lay flat on kitchen paper to dry.

These stencils can also be used to add wonderful painted detail to your craft and home décor projects (keep food use and non-food use stencils separately).  Paint designs on paper, card, walls, floors, furniture, fabric – decorative possibilities are endless!

Method:  Rolled out the paste thinly on a small piece of butchers wrap.  Position your stencil and gently roll with a rolling pin so that the stencil sits flat on the paste and slightly sticks.  Using a flat ended dusting brush, brush over the edible dusts in the colours you have chosen.  When finished, blow away any excess dust and gently peel away the stencil.  Using a scalpel or small sharp knife cut around the design.  In order to seal in the dust and give a nice sheen to the design, hold the piece of butcher’s wrap with the piece on over the steam from a boiling kettle for a couple of seconds.  Leave to dry flat before transferring to your cake when the paste is no longer tacky and has skinned over.