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Merry Christmas Label / Tag Mould

Why not decorate your cake as a christmas present and use this to put a lovely edible tag on the gift!

Size 3″ x 1.25″


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Additional Information

A Merry Christmas Label / Tag Mould by Diamond Paste & Mould Co. The mould is 3″ x 1.25″.

Flexible silicone mould for lots of fine detail and textures when producing delicate bas reliefs in flower paste, sugarpaste, modelling paste, marzipan, chocolate paste, cold porcelain or air dry clays.

To use the mould:  dust the inside of the mould with cornflower or brush lightly with Trex which will help the piece release from the mould.  Take a piece of paste slightly larger than the item you will make (we find a mix of 1/2 flower paste and 1/2 sugarpaste works best) and gently press into the mould making sure to work right out to the edges and into any areas of fine detail.  Use a fine palette knife to trim off the excess paste and flatten the back.  Gently bend the mould and the piece should come out of the mould, be careful not to bend or twist the mould too much as they can easily tear.

Use dusting powers or food colours to dust or paint details.  When dry, stick in position using a little edible glue or some royal icing.

Diamond Paste & Mould Co produce a wide range of extremely detailed and high quality veiners and moulds.