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Mini Christmas Cutter Set Number 3 (4)

This set includes Sleigh, Stocking, Angel, Cupid.  Use as a small cutter or as an embosser.

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Mini Christmas Cutter Set Number 3 – includes Sleigh, Stocking, Angel, Cupid

These cutters are designed to create fine, elegant Christmas motifs – for best results use flower paste.  Can also be used as embossers.

To use as cutters: Roll out paste VERY fine using cornflour for dusting.  Ensure that the paste is not stuck to the board and moves freely, also that the top surface is not sticky.  Press firmly onto the back of the required cutter, slide the cutter backwards and forwards and then gently tab the cutter to release the cut piece.   Try occasionally brushing Trex on the cutter surface with a tooth brush to help ensure the paste does not stick in the fine details of the cutters.

To use as embossers:  Simply press into freshly rolled paste.  Can be used with sugarpaste, marzipan, chocolate paste or pastillage.  It is important to complete the embossing before the paste begins to skin over.  The embossed pattern can be left as a relief design or you can allow the paste to dry and then dust or paint the details.